This is a site that concentrates upon ideas on human nature. We love ideas and we love sharing them. Here you will find no closed system that is maintained by rigid believers. Rather, you will find an openness to learn from anyone and anything that will benefit the future of humanity.

We are proud of the ideas that we present to you... ideas about the centrality of feelings ... ideas about the balancing of values and feelings ... ideas about what is wrong with humans and what can be right and helpful ... ideas about issues of psychotherapy.

We encourage you to think through what we say on these pages and, if you have thoughts, share them with us. We have a growth model; not a static one. We are still learning and want to correct our data and keep on providing a better and better model as the years progress.

Study away with what we present to you. If you have questions,
e-mail us. If you have better answers, let us know about them. Humanity needs a big boost for the radical changes that are occurring due to the electronic revolution so this is no time for journalistic selfishness and fence building.