The Geography of Selves is an in-depth map of 'places' or 'spaces' we may find ourselves in at any given time. It is a spectrum of hope, joy, despair and rage. There are 3 'sides' to the diagram; the Life Force side, Centered Self, and the Death Force side.

Traveling on the
Life Force side, the rainbow ranges from soft to vibrant as one moves toward the Centered Self. When lost in the Death Force, colors darken and become murky the further one moves from one's focused Center.

The Centered Self serves as home base. The goal is to keep energy flowing in the Life Force field with the Centered Self being the pitcher in the game. When an event occurs on the journey, the Centered Self throws the ball to the module(s) best equipped to handle the situation. An
activated module feels and responds. The Centered Self decides and acts.

Awareness and understanding of the Death Force leads to a deeper appreciation of Life Force energy. Each moment offers a rainbow of options.

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